Tl;DR We are working on a tool to help people pair wines to their meals. Take a look!

We have a supplementary post dedicated to alcohol here in which we briefly discussed pairing alcohol with food, but it focused more on a simple overview of alcohol types. We decided to take this a step further and create a more convenient tool that would help people pair to a more granular level wine to their food.

Below is our first version of this tool (in Excel) which allows the user to enter their meal (types of meat or seafood) along with sauces, spices, and acidity. The tool then is able to calculate the optimal wine across red, whites, roses, dessert, etc.

Wine pairing is both an art and a science, so we would love to get as much insight as possible on how we can make this better or any changes that would be helpful for your use. Please leave us your comments!

Features we are looking to add:

  • Expanding to different alcohols
  • More level of detail and options
  • Any other requests?

Take a look and let us know!

Bicoastal Cooks Wine Pairing Tool v1