Our Process

East coast and I work together through the process. Here is an overview of our current recipe development process:

INSPIRATION: Defining the inspiration and choosing the parameters

West Coast

1. Research

  • Defining an approach,
  • Gathering facts
  • Exploring techniques and ingredients

2. Development

  • Synthesizing the information into a concept

3. Draft

  • Recipe overview
  • Flavor profile
  • Visual Mock-up

East Coast

4. Testing

  • Working through the draft and create an initial recipe
  • Test the flavor, composition, plating, etc.

5. Execution

  • Creating an final dish with plating

6. Publishing

  • Photography of the final dish
  • Creating a final recipe that others can reproduce

During our post-game analysis, we aim to refine and tweak the process to enable a better development the next time around.