A short supplement on taste and flavor with help from The Flavor Bible.

Flavor = Taste + Mouthfeel + Aroma + “The X Factor”

Taste = What is perceived by the taste buds

  • Sweetness – brings out flavors, adds roundness to savory, takes a lot of quantity to register
  • Saltiness – flavor enhancer, savory foods
  • Sourness – secondary flavor enhancer, pairs with salt and sweet, adds balance and clarity
  • Bitterness – most sensitive to us, cuts richness or sweetness
  • Umami (Savoryness) – mouth-filling taste

Mouthfeel = What is perceived by the rest of the mouth

  • Temperature
  • Texture
  • Piquancy – sharp or spiciness
  • Astringency – sourness or puckering sensation

Aroma = What is perceived by the nose

  • Pungency – for example horseradish, irritation
  • Chemesthesis – tickling sensation

“The X Factor” = What is perceived by other sense and body

  • Memory
  • Visual
  • Emotional