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9/21/15 – Day 21

9/20/15 – Day 20

9/19/15 – Day 19

9/18/15 – Day 18

9/17/15 – Day 17

9/16/15 – Day 16

9/15/15 – Day 15

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Day 9 – 9/9/15

Everyone has one type of food that they never get sick of, and for me that is Chinese food. I can eat congee every morning, for the rest of forever. I’ve heard that breakfast is the one meal that people really crave the foods they grew up with. And I agree! Croissants and bagels are fine, but steamed egg and congee is where my heart is. In my ideal world, I’d live close to a Shanghainese breakfast bazaar. Each morning, I’d roll out of bed, put on my outdoor slippers, and choose between fresh steamed buns, congee, jian bing, fried oilsticks, soy milk, soft tofu, wontons…you get the point.

That being said, I am craving more flavors in my food. The only seasonings that I am working with right now are salt, sugar, soy sauce and the occasional pepper packet. I miss spicy foods. I miss Sriracha sauce. I miss cumin!!! At least in the full $50/mo recipe book we are planning, we have Mexican food as one of the chapters. And Indian.

If I had a dollar or two left to spare in my budget, the first thing I’d get is some cilantro, and the second crushed red pepper flakes. Cilantro adds so much freshness and depth to your dish (and it taste so much more expensive). My trick is to chop a bunch up and freeze in ice cube trays, and pop a cilantro-cube into soups, stir-frys, etc when ever you want to add some pizazz.

Crushed red pepper would be perfect for the Chow Mian that serves as dinner every night for week 2.

Also, I’m feeling slightly better. So hopefully the tiredness was a temporary thing? Will keep y’all updated.

Foodily yours,

East Coast

Daily Meals/Costs:

Congee (皮蛋粥) – $0.28

Fried potato strings with rice– $0.29

Banana – $0.19

Chow Mian ~$0.71

1 Falafel (The sample lady strikes again!) – Free

Total: $1.48

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Donation Total: $320