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9/22/15 – Day 22

9/21/15 – Day 21

9/20/15 – Day 20

9/19/15 – Day 19

9/18/15 – Day 18

9/17/15 – Day 17

9/16/15 – Day 16

9/15/15 – Day 15

9/14/15 – Day 14

9/13/15 – Day 13

9/12/15 – Day 12

9/11/15 – Day 11

9/10/15 – Day 10

9/9/15 – Day 9


Day 8 – 9/8/15

A whole new week, all new recipes! Upcoming for week 2 of the Mini-budget Manhattan challenge…Congee! Fried Potato Strings! Chow Mian! Braised chicken and potatoes is awesome but, this is a welcome change for my taste buds.

Congee is so easy to prepare that I almost forgot I made some. I washed rice, tossed it in a slow cooker with a few cut up thousand-year-old eggs, and turned the setting to low before I left for a day of frolicking. When I came home I was like: “What smells so good?” I divvied it into portions for breakfast for the week ahead. Yum yum yum.

On a sadder note, I’m not feeling too spiffy. I’m feeling kind of out-of-it and tired. I’m definitely getting enough calories…so what could be the issue? Is it the diet or is it the seasonal change? If I’m lacking vitamins, does it take effect so suddenly?

Hoping to feel better tomorrow,

East Coast

Daily Meals/Costs:

Congee (皮蛋粥) – $0.28

Fried potato strings with rice– $0.29

Banana – $0.19

Chow Mian ~$0.71

Total: $1.48

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