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Day 3 – 9/3/15

Privileges of Working in Corporate that You Never Think About

I pass by the office pantry on my walk over to the water cooler each morning. Today, my usual joyous morning jaunt was cut short by a sudden realization: I can no longer eat the free office snacks. It’s not like I was eating the snacks yesterday, or the day before, but the realization that I will have to pass by these snacks everyday and not eat any only hit me this morning.

I work in a nice office in Midtown Manhattan that’s surrounded by an ice skating rink, many $$$$ restaurants, and approximately 30,000 tourists. It’s no Google, with it’s luxurious and free every meal you can wish for ever, but we do have some perks. The office snack bar is one.


The snack bar is filled with four items: M&Ms, Mike & Ikes (yuck), Jelly Beans (meh), and mixed nuts. These caloric-dense snacks are fit for outdoorsy sports(wo)men hiking the Appalachian trails, but are instead made available to Brooks Brothers and Ann Taylor-clad professionals, whose main exertion of the day is the aforementioned walk to the water cooler or a rather heated conference call.

Between the snack machine, lunch-and-learns, recruiting events, and regular Friday Happy Hours, I estimate that a good 10-15% of my food intake comes free from my job. This is an unbelievable amount of privilege – privilege that comes with a corporate job; privilege that the truly food insecure rarely have access to. While many other New Yorkers are stressing over how to pay for their next meal, I have virtually unlimited calories only a short walk away.

Does your workplace offer similar privileges? Friday bagels? Maybe an office snack drawer?

Also at work today, we had a going-away lunch for my coworker. It was at one of the $$$$ restaurants near the office. I couldn’t eat any of the foods, so I took pictures and made a collage instead.



Daily Meals/Costs:

Chawanmushi with rice – $0.50

Braise Cabbage with rice– $0.28

Banana – $0.19

Chicken, potatoes, onions with rice ~$0.60

1 Falafel – Free sample! My falafel luck is 2/3 days this week

Total: $1.57

If you think what we are doing is interesting, impactful, or maybe kind of insane, please consider donating to our efforts here. 100% of the proceeds will go towards Rescuing Leftover Cuisine, a non-profit that works to eliminate food waste and redirect food waste into solving urban hunger.

Donation Total: $165

Foodily yours,

East Coast