Table of Contents:

9/30/15 – Day 30

9/29/15 – Day 29

Day 26 – 9/26/15

Two more days! I’m counting down the hours until I can eat like cookie monster. For now, my diet is limited to rice, and whatever is leftover in my fridge and freezer.

I had a ton of borscht left over, which I’ve portioned out into tupperware along with rice. I’ll be having borscht and rice for lunch and dinner for tomorrow, and borscht+rice for lunch Wednesday, followed by Coke Chicken+rice for dinner Wednesday. Breakfast is congee for both days, supplemented with foraged burdock.

When I got home today I really wanted a snack. The rice was cooking in the rice cooker, which takes ~20 minutes, and I was really hungry! Starving and desperate, I attacked what was left of the raw cabbage in my fridge.

The raw cabbage tastes a lot like Bai Cai (which Wikipedia calls Napa Cabbage and I have never heard it being referred to this way). Growing up, raw Bai Cai was a perfectly awesome crunchy snack, and healthy to boot! I wish more veggies would become common place snacks. I think I would gather some strange looks if I brought chopped up raw Bai Cai to the office, but is it really different from a sliced bell pepper? Or some julienned carrots?

TL;DR – I snacked on raw cabbage; it was good.

Daily Meals/Costs:

Congee (皮蛋粥) – $0.28

Banana – $0.19

2 x Borscht with rice- $1.44 (I’m getting a lot of calories via rice 🙂 )

Total: $1.91

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Donation Total: $720