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9/29/15 – Day 29

9/28/15 – Day 28

Day 27 – 9/27/15

Three days left until the end of my Mini Budget in Manhattan challenge! I was super productive today, woke up early, and cooked up all the the goodies from foraging in Central Park.

Some highlights:


How to cook Burdock roots: parboil, peel, and chop the roots up matchstick style. Simmered in water, soy sauce, and sugar. These came up super delicious – savory and sweet with tons of umami. It tastes just like the burdock you get as a side dish at upscale Japanese and Korean restaurants. This would be great to eat with a bowl of plain congee!


I had low hopes for the scrubby little Purslane when I was foraging, but little did I know it would turn out so amazing. The leaves and stems were juicy and meaty, absorbing much flavor and maintaining great texture. This vegetable can really hold up to a mean braise and maintained great color. I would buy this if it’s in a supermarket!

For simplicity’s sake, I decided to sautee all of the green vegetables together since there was only a little of each. I heated up some canola oil and fried up some garlic, and added the greens in order of my best guess at cooking time as well as some soysauce for flavor. Well, some of these vegetables could not handle heat at all! The Curly Dock shriveled into lemony brown messes. The Wild Lettuce was only slightly better. The Lamb’s Quarters was pretty good, and tasted like spinach. The Epazote flavor was really strong. The Purslane was the best part! I then plated the dish, and sprinkled Poor Man’s Pepper on top for additional zest and flavor.

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You can see the green stems of the Wild Lettuce, the red stems of the Purslane, the fresh green of the Poor Man’s Pepper, and the brown Curly Dock.

On another note, I got a free apple-cinnamon scone from Panera for downloading their mobile app. It was a regular sized scone, but it contained over 500 calories! 500 delicious and sugary calories 🙂

Daily Meals/Costs:

Congee (皮蛋粥) – $0.56 (2 servings)

1 Hard-boiled Egg – $0.25

A few pieces of Burdock, a plate of of wild greens – Free! from foraging

1 Apple-cinnamon scone from Panera – Free!

Banana – $0.19

Borscht with rice- $0.72

Total: $1.72

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