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9/27/15 – Day 27

9/26/15 – Day 26

Day 25 – 9/25/15

Happy Friday! Today, I went to a happy hour with my lovely coworkers, who were amazing and supportive and kind enough to offer to pay for my drinks! The waitress ended up splitting our checks evenly by mistake, so I did pay for my own drinks. But the “pay you back for drinks” rule was silly, and silly rules are made to be broken.

Anyways, 3 drinks later…here I am, almost too inebriated to update everyone on my day and thankful for/bloated on the extra calories.

I was concerned about getting enough food in my stomach to counter the alcohol at happy hour, and I didn’t think the potatoes strings from lunch were going to hold up. Carbs digest way fast. But it ended up all being okay. Back at home in a tipsy haze, I ended up cooking up another batch of borscht. Other people get the drunchies, but I have a even more advanced form of the drunchies called the cook-ies (does that work?). I seem to cook most of the times I get home from drinking. I make wonders with potatoes and flour and eggs. My creations range from a simple packet of ramen, to the complex brownies and channa masala (not at the same time). It’s probably slightly dangerous to be around sharp objects and fire in this state now that I think about it.

I took stock of the fridge again tonight. Turns out I forgot to account for the last two days in September (Silly me assumed 4*7=28 days). The good news is I have way more than enough rice, a small bundle of noodles, and tons of leftovers from the course of the month still in the freezer. Even after the batch of borscht today, I have a quarter head of cabbage and half a head of garlic left, which i don’t even think I’ll use up this month.

However, this takes my final budget down to $0.70- ($0.19*2 bananas) = $0.32 cents for the remainder for the month. I can see that if I didn’t work hard to bargain hunt, that this $50/mo. budget would not have been possible.

Lastly, I have something really exciting planned for tomorrow. Stay tuned to find out!

Daily Meals/Costs:

Congee (皮蛋粥) – $0.28

2 Fried Eggs – $0.50

Stir-fried potatoes strings with rice- $0.29

Banana – $0.19

Coke Chicken over Rice – $0.51

Total: $1.77

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Donation Total: $600