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9/27/15 – Day 27

9/26/15 – Day 26

9/25/15 – Day 25


Day 24 – 9/24/15

“The longest distance in the world isn’t between life and death. It’s me, standing in front of you a free catered lunch buffet, and you don’t know that I love youI can’t eat any of it”

This badly edited sappy Asian (?) quote about love is exactly how I felt today. Why? Read on to find out.

I wasn’t good about keeping to my budget today, and I certainly did not eat healthily. I feel bad for having failed. It was a 12+ hour day at work with no breaks in between! What’s a hungry girl to do? Here is a walk through of my hungry Thursday.

I got to work at 6:40 am, which means I woke up at 5:45 am. I was too groggy to eat breakfast (mistake!).

Once I got to work, it was none stop go! go! go! for the next 12 hours. We were running a client workshop, and I had to be on site at all times to answer questions, troubleshoot the technology, play music, set up instruction sheets…you get the gist. There was no way I could leave the room for even more than 5 minutes, so leaving for 20 minutes to heat up and eat my lunch was out of the question.

Our lovely and kind IT person brought Dunkin Donut’s munchkins, and I had two of those before my rational could say “NOOOOOOOOO!” “They probably cost like…10c each, right?” I then rationalize guiltily.

The morning passed in a blur of running around, writing Post-its, taking notes, and salivating at the catered lunch. By the time the afternoon came around, not even the 2 coffees I had could keep me going. I cracked opened a diet Coke and relished the sweet, sweet carbonation.

Then I ate another munchkin.

I got home at 8pm today. When I opened my backpack, two bananas smiled up at me. In the frenzy of the day, I had totally forgot that I packed them for myself! I then ate my usually Coke chicken for dinner.

TIL that it’s impossible to eat on a budget when you can’t control your physical location, and that could be due to a variety of factors: lack of refrigeration, lack of breaks at work, lack of time…and it takes a TON of self-control! Self-control that had gone away by the time the passed-hor d’oeuvres came around during the end of the workshop. I had a few tiny flavorful things on tiny toasted breads. I’m not really sure what I ate.

Any idea on what we can do in such a situation? Make sure to eat breakfast even though it’s early? Pack more portable snacks (and remember to eat them)? Sneak away to eat lunch anyway?

Daily Meals/Costs:

3 Dunkin Donuts Munchkins – Free

1 Diet Coke – Free

5 or 6? Bite-sized hor d’oeuvres – Free

Coke Chicken over Rice – $0.51

Total: $0.51 (in reality probably more)

If you think what we are doing is interesting, impactful, or maybe kind of insane, please consider donating to our efforts here. 100% of the proceeds will go towards Rescuing Leftover Cuisine, a non-profit that works to eliminate food waste and redirect food waste into solving urban hunger.

Donation Total: $600