Table of Contents:

9/27/15 – Day 27

9/26/15 – Day 26

9/25/15 – Day 25

9/24/15 – Day 24

9/23/15 – Day 23

9/22/15 – Day 22

Day 21 – 9/21/15

It’s now the last day of Week 3! On the menu for next week, more congee! Stir-fried potatoes (more on this later), and Coke chicken (unfffff)! I did all the cooking for Week 4 tonight.

The stir-fried potatoes I made two weeks ago were a lot like home fries. The potatoes were roughly chopped, and fried in high heat with oil, then sprinkled with salt and pepper.

My dad always makes these wonderful stir-fried potatoes at home. He uses a grater to grate the potatoes into tiny, tiny strings. Then he cooks it with plenty of garlic over low heat until the potato strings are almost translucent. Sometimes he adds a dash of vinegar. It’s wonderful by itself or over rice.

I borrowed my dad’s grater in an attempt to replicate this dish. I followed all the same steps…I think. But this is what happened to my potatoes (refer to picture above).

It became a pancake! Kind of like a giant hash brown, but gummier.

I tried a bite and I don’t love it. There are two ways I can improve on this recipe next time:

  1. Actually try to make a pancake, but a thinner, crispier one.
  2. Humbly beg my dad to tell me his recipe step by step.

Anyways, for the week ahead. I might do potato pancake for breakfast, Coke chicken for lunch, and congee for dinner. Switch it up y’all!

Daily Meals/Costs:

Chawanmushi – $0.32 (1 egg)

Cabbage garlic stir fry with rice – $0.28

Banana – $0.19

Hong-Kong style borscht with rice – $0.63

1 piece Coke chicken (I couldn’t resist!) – $0.38

Total: $1.80

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Donation Total: $520