Table of Contents:

9/25/15 – Day 25

9/24/15 – Day 24

9/23/15 – Day 23

9/22/15 – Day 22

9/21/15 – Day 21

9/20/15 – Day 20

9/19/15 – Day 19

9/18/15 – Day 18

Day 17 – 9/17/15

Genius Success is 1% inspiration, and 99% perspiration preparation.”

– Thomas Edison

If this severely edited quote is true, that I have failed. I failed by not being prepared. Today, I knew that I had a long day ahead at work. Between PowerPoint, Outlook, and talking to bright-eyed college students at a firm recruiting event, I was due to get home at 10 p.m. I needed to plan my meals and calories carefully to make it through.

I tried to be prepared by saving 1 egg from my morning Chawanmushi to eat as a hard-boiled egg in the evening to tide me over until a late dinner. But I ran out of time in the morning and didn’t have time to boil an egg.

“What’s the worst that could happen?” I groggily thought as I ate my single egg Chawanmushi.

Turns out, a lot. I started feeling dizzy during the recruiting event from the lack of food. How can I talk about opportunities for growth and skill development and work travel when all I can think about is my frozen dinner?!? And there was so…much…temptation. Trays and trays and trays of free finger foods. And soda. And tons of delicious calories everywhere.

And I had some.

I’m trying to make up for it by taking the leftovers from the event (and there was a lot!), and giving it to the homeless on my way home. Does this food now count as “free for everyone?” Probably not.

Daily Meals/Costs:

Chawanmushi – $0.32 (1 egg)

Cabbage garlic stir fry with rice – $0.28

Banana – $0.19

Hong-Kong style borscht with rice – $0.63

5 Chips + 1 mini baguette toast + 3 blackberries at work event – Free (but not proud of it 🙁 )

Total: $1.42

If you think what we are doing is interesting, impactful, or maybe kind of insane, please consider donating to our efforts here. 100% of the proceeds will go towards Rescuing Leftover Cuisine, a non-profit that works to eliminate food waste and redirect food waste into solving urban hunger.

Donation Total: $520