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9/25/15 – Day 25

9/24/15 – Day 24

9/23/15 – Day 23

9/22/15 – Day 22

9/21/15 – Day 21

9/20/15 – Day 20

9/19/15 – Day 19

9/18/15 – Day 18

9/17/15 – Day 17


Day 16 – 9/16/15

* Update – To take advantage of the 30% donation matching Bonus Day at Global Giving, the first $500 of the funds we raised just went to Rescuing Leftover Cuisine’s campaign! If you see this before the end-of-day 9/16, considering donating as your donation will make an even bigger impact. 

I finished all of my grocery shopping for the month today! It’s super ahead of schedule, but I wanted to lock down some low prices (hello freezer my best friend). Today, I picked up a little over 2 pounds of chicken “curry” cut for $2.14 at $0.99/lb (I’m wondering the same thing, what is this “curry” cut…can someone explain?). I also picked up a can of Coca-Cola on the way back for $0.99 because I didn’t want to take a separate trip.

So at this point, besides Trader Joe’s bananas that I pick up in fresh batches each week, everything has been purchased and paid for. The prices for Trader Joe’s bananas are fairly constant at $0.19 per banana, and I’m not worried about price fluctuation. Here is the final tally of all my grocery costs for the month, with a whole 70 cents to spare! Any thoughts or questions? What should I do with 70 cents?

Ingredients Price
White Rice-20lb $10.0
Potatos-10lb $3.4
Noodles-1 pack $3.0
Chicken drumsticks $1.9
Chicken “curry” ? $2.1
1 3 pound cabbage $1.6
1 4 pound cabbage $1.7
1000 Year old Eggs $3.0
3 dozen eggs $8.6
5 Onions (2 pound bag) $1.3
Peanuts $0.9
Soysauce $1.6
24 oz can Tomato $1.6
5 heads of garlic $1.0
1 can coke $1.0
Bananas (projected cost until day 30) $5.7
Cilantro $1.0
Total Spending $49.3
Remaining $0.7

On another note, while I was out grocery shopping, I ran into a curbside promotion from iHeartRadio. Free ice cream! Even though the cost-of-living is crazy here, this is one of the reasons I love New York.

Daily Meals/Costs:

Chawanmushi – $0.32 (1 egg)

1 Hard Boiled Egg – $0.25

Cabbage garlic stir fry with rice – $0.28

Banana – $0.19

Hong-Kong style borscht with rice – $0.63

1 Ice Cream Cone – Free! Yay!

Total: $1.67

If you think what we are doing is interesting, impactful, or maybe kind of insane, please consider donating to our efforts here. 100% of the proceeds will go towards Rescuing Leftover Cuisine, a non-profit that works to eliminate food waste and redirect food waste into solving urban hunger.

Donation Total: $520