Table of Contents:

9/21/15 – Day 21

9/20/15 – Day 20

9/19/15 – Day 19

9/18/15 – Day 18

9/17/15 – Day 17

9/16/15 – Day 16

9/15/15 – Day 15

9/14/15 – Day 14

9/13/15 – Day 13

9/12/15 – Day 12

9/11/15 – Day 11


Day 10 – 9/10/15

Woo day 10! I have officially made it through the first 3rd of the Mini Budget Manhattan challenge. AND we are at 42% of our fundraising goal! Thank you to everyone who has donated for your kind support. Still 58% to go but we are getting there!

While we are on the topic of numbers, here are some random tallies:

Weight loss: 0 pounds (surprising huh?)

Cups of rice eaten per day: 5 cups/day in week 1, 3 cups/day in week 2

Daily base* calories consumed week 1: 1,672

Daily base* calories consumed week 2: 1,830

Times I was caught staring longingly at coworkers’ snacks: 2

Also a thing to note, in order to make the $50/mo food budget work, you would really first need a consistent work schedule. I need to be able to bring my lunch to work and have a place to heat it up. I also need to make it home by a certain time to make and eat dinner. There is absolutely zero room for the luxury of take out. Therefore, it would be extremely difficult for someone whose schedule changes suddenly and often to bring or even plan their meals.

Full disclosure, I was at a work event that ran on for way too long. Around 8:30pm I caved, and ate 6 free tortilla chips from the event’s catering in order to not faint from hunger. I got home around 10pm, cooked, and ate dinner around 10:30pm. Le sigh.

*not counting free samples, drinks, office caffeine…etc. Just the foods I purchased on the $50/mo budget.

Daily Meals/Costs:

Congee (皮蛋粥) – $0.28

Fried potato strings with rice– $0.29

Banana – $0.19

Chow Mian ~$0.71

6 tortilla chips – Free

Total: $1.48

If you think what we are doing is interesting, impactful, or maybe kind of insane, please consider donating to our efforts here. 100% of the proceeds will go towards Rescuing Leftover Cuisine, a non-profit that works to eliminate food waste and redirect food waste into solving urban hunger.

Donation Total: $420