Asado: A Journey Through Argentine BBQ

On the precipice of a “quarter life crisis”, I left my job as a management consultant in the States seeking answers to many questions—from the clichéd “what is the meaning of life” to others I didn’t even realize I had. I decided to take the overdue opportunity to explore my long time passion, cuisine. But instead of using schools or books, I decided to learn by traveling to the countries themselves.

This journey began in Argentina where I was first overwhelmed by everything I had to eat. It started with learning about the cuts of meat and stuffing my face with greasy chori-pans off the street, but quickly evolved to learning how to roast entire racks of ribs and butterflied pigs over a fire for four hours and hosting my own Asados.

But, the food was just a part of the experience. There was this new culture to explore, the people of Argentina to learn from, and amongst it all was me, and my journey. Overtime, my writings, learnings, and experiments began to intertwine into a story. That story later became this book—Argentine BBQ or Asado, Argentine Culture, and a piece of me.

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On Recipe Development: The Book

West Coast was an at home chef looking for a way to formalize his passion in cooking, and East Coast was, well, a girl who put jalapeños in everything and harmed many the unsuspecting. We are two friends living on opposite sides of the country, and we decided to create a blog that focused on recipe development, answering questions such as: How are recipes created? Where do chefs get inspiration from? How do you then take that inspiration and translate it to a dish?

We have progressed a lot, learned a lot about our personal cooking philosophies, and decided to share all of our knowledge and research in hopes of helping you.

* A detailed introduction to recipe development and drill downs of every step of the process

* A culinary bootcamp of techniques, cuisines, and ingredients that every chef should explore for both reference and inspiration

Interviews with chefs (such as Emily Peterson & Ulfet Ralph) on their approach to recipe development, inspirations, and advice for rising chefs

* And a lot more including original recipes, resources, and our trails/tribulations!

This book has evolved along with our journey. It is much more than just a cookbook. The recipes (all originals) from us and the chefs we interview are nothing without the knowledge around research and recipe development. If you are looking to become a chef, or up your creativity in the kitchen by developing your own recipes, or simply open your world to new ideas, then this book is for you. Buy NOW on Amazon!